Monday, June 9, 2008

Down the road

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.... so they say.
I believe I have traveled that road a few times recently. This weekend was a weird one... Mom called me Saturday morning at 7:30 to tell me she had been brought by ambulance to the hospital at 4am and was calling from the ER....HUH?
She was having severe back pain and tried to drive but couldn't even walk it was so bad. Now...For my mother to take an ambulance she must have been in some major pain. I've watched that woman break the hell out of her wrist and have it set at the ER all with no drugs. The next day she figured since shes out of work for a while...she dug up the front walkway and laid a new brick one, then cleared the underbrush from the whole back yard. with ONE hand!!! So you see, this was serious. They concluded she sprained her back (I don't agree but whatever)
The funny thing is ( And this is where the theory thateverything happensfor a reason comes in again) At first they thought it was kidney stones so they did some blood work. Good thing they did because her platelet count was dangerously low! So while they had her there they ordered some platelets for an infusion. She could have bleed to death if anything had happened to her... OMG. Well, in all this time, and since we couldn't really do anything for her, Henri,Carlie and I took a quick trip down to Orleans to pick up some roof slates that someone was giving away on Craig's list. What a beautiful day it was for a ride... too bad we had to rush, it was a nice trip.
I hit the mother load with those slates! There were at least 50...maybe more. I will paint a few and donate them to Carlie's daycare to sell. They are trying to raise money for a new playground set. And the rest... I'll sell. pic's above are slates that I've done in the past and sold. $45 and willing to barter.
Any takers??