Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Angel box


Where I work, we have a lot of wu-wu around. Wu-wu meaning...psychic...medium...aura, crystal herbal type people. I love it. If I have a headache, I can walk around the corner and get energy healing from one person or a quick reading from another. It's perfectly acceptable to take a wu-wu break and clear the office of negative energy. There are crystals laying out allot of the time for anyone to stop and infuse with a happy thought or just hold and take some energy if needed. Anyway, the point of this is that someone set out an angel box the other day. Your supposed to write down a problem or worry and slip it into the box with the intention that the angels will take it off your mind. You give it to the angels. I slipped a paper in yesterday for Henri to find a good steady job. Well, he got a call today from the bank he applied to weeks ago and they offered him a great job. Maybe we can get back on track now.

I will miss him being home though, I'm getting spoiled by having him around. Well.... can't have everything right? Anyway,just wanted to share the good news.

Mom is having a bad day today, she's nauseous and feeling downright icky. Yesterday she told me she thought her hair was starting to fall out. I grabbed a handful of her hair in the back and tugged...she yelled. no hair came out. which is a good thing because I told her if a clump had come out I might have peed myself right there in the car. So far she's still attached to it. Thank goodness.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Porch sitter

I had a useless weekend.

I had big plans for cleaning out my bedroom and doing some purging. Well, we purged a little, got rid of 3 bags of old clothes... took down the heavy curtains and have the sheers up, that lightened things up in there... just so much to do. I wanted to clean out the cubby and take out the rug and replace it with runners.... didn't do it.

Saturday got away from me. Before I knew it it was 4pm. Henri and I took Carlie to Friendlys for dinner and then I went to Christmas tree shop while Henri took Carlie over to Staples.

Sunday morning we met Andy and his girlfriend for breakfast and Mom came. We had a good time and a fabulous breakfast. ( At,Food for Thought in Falmouth)

After that we went to the wholesale nursery in Waquoit where I found Pampas grass and a couple hostas that I have been looking for... Took Carlie home to get her down for a nap...NO LUCK!! Sooo... Out on the porch she went in the pack and play with books and dollies and a blanket... and I planted my little heart out. Moved a hydrangea, dug up my daffodils by mistake (oops)

I cant wait to see them fill out and looking forward to seeing the grass bloom. Next weekend I'll go grab a couple other things...maybe some phlox maybe something else... I'll see.

It was just nice to be outside and doing something with that damned dirt patch at my front door.

Spent some time on the porch just sitting and looking out... Love my porch. All in all, it was a nice weekend.