Saturday, December 27, 2008


This year we were the recipients of some extremely generous gifts.
It hasn't been a very abundant year for us, and we haven't had the best luck with health in the family...But we have good friends who are so supportive and are willing to attend my own personal pitty parties. We were overwhelmed with the generosity and good will this Christmas
So, I think I'll just start focusing on all the blessings we have and shut up.
Carlie was so inundated with gifts this year that she actually stopped opening gifts halfway thru Christmas, and refused to open anymore....then dissolved in tears onto my lap.
A Little break for some juice and a snack and she was right back there, neck deep in ribbon and wrapping paper.
Mom was actually feeling good, and came over around 8am Christmas morning!
My Father-in-law is here with us until Sunday or Monday and seems to be having a good time with Carlie. Of course she LOVES his attention)
Today my Brother and Sister-in-law are coming and were going to the Brazilian Grille for dinner.
I'll post some pic's asap.

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