Friday, March 6, 2009

Pure Heaven.

So I live in this tiny little house...a cottage really. And long ago I had my own little space all set up here in my little cottage,with my painting stuff and my scrapbooking stuff....and all my little drawing books and crafty things...It was pure heaven.

Then we had a baby.

I lost my place and the craft area became the crib area and I had to move to the basement. I didn't like it there one bit. It was icky, and cold and spidery and dark and too far away from my baby. So I didn't really create anything for a very long time. Then, my husband had a great idea. He said I should use the breakfast nook as a craft room! What a GREAT idea!!!! So, we bought a huge butcher block table from a friend, Henri put together a couple pieces of leftover office furniture for some storage and then hooked my computer up and set it all up for me.....and guess what? I HAVE A CRAFTROOOM!!!!!!!!!!! I am so psyched. I can scrapbook and not have to worry about putting it all away halfway through a page!....I can paint and not have to move everything for lunch!

I can draw and be totally in my own space but not too far away from everyone else in the house!....I really needed this. I already feel better. I feel like creating! I just don't know where to start? Do I paint something? Do I scrapbook my 3,000 pictures from the birth to most recent birthday of my daughter? It's the best kind of predicament. I highly recommend a space like this. it's like thereapy.

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Fooseberry said...

I don't like the name crafty room-too tacky. The quality of what you will make in tht room will make it an art studio.