Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lazy Thanksgivings are the BEST!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm sitting here waiting for the turkey to finish it's last 15 minutes in the oven.

Everything else is done and I am looking forward to getting this turkey dinner over with so I can finally have some PIE!!! The dinner is the formality before the dessert as far as I'm concerned.

I have spent a very quiet relaxing day with my family today. We are eating a little later than most...probably around 6pm..but that gave us the day to just sit around....and do NOTHING!

We woke up and lounged in bed (ALL of us) till around 9am. Then I got Carlie her Ovaltine, got us some coffee and had a scrumptous breakfast of homemade banana bread and cranberry bread slathered in REAL butter.... (As much as I dislike Rachael Rae...I have to use her description because it suits the moment..."YUM-O"!!) We had drop in guests later in the morning, Jen and her girls Ava and Olivia popped in and caught me in my robe, still glowing from breakfast and my house in turmoil. (I am thankful for friends that show up un announced that don't make me panic about those things!!) So I sat around in my robe and got to have a bonus visit with Jen, while the girls enjoyed some time together playing in Carlie's room.

After they left...(around 1pm) I shamed myself into getting myself and my daughter into some clothes finally...I mean, It IS a holiday...we should probably get dressed at some point... And we started cooking. Once the turkey was in and everything else was ready to go, Henri headed out to the store for a few forgotten items and while he was there, he hit up a "Red box" and got the Disney movie "UP". We all sat in the living room and enjoyed a quiet afternoon with each other.

Besides a few phone calls from friends with Thanksgiving wishes...we were just "here" and it was heaven.

Took a break from blogging to eat dinner and now I can finish this post by saying...dinner was great...


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