Friday, January 1, 2010

It's over.


Well, The holiday's have come and gone without much fanfare. "Good" I say, I was looking for a fanfare-less kind of holiday season anyway this year.
 Everytime someone asked me what I was doing for Christmas, I felt myself stiffen and a knot form in my stomach, because I knew the next line was coming..."Oh...This is your first Christmas without your Mom"....Yes... Thank you for reminding me. As if I need reminding.
 I think my Mom was popping in and out on me alot during the last few days before Christmas to be sure I was alright, because I felt very peaceful about my first parentless Christmas. And even though it seemed like she was on my mind constantly, it was in a good way more than a sad way. 
This year I felt more like a Mom myself than ever.  Call me a spoiled only child, but Christmas has always been about "ME".  Even the last couple years, of course we spoil Carlie and she gets more than she could ever want... but she was too young to really get it.     My Mom always spoiled me... I was her only child and that's what she did best. And no matter how old I was, I loved it...really, who wouldn't???    But not this year, for the first time in my life it was totally about someone else.  Yup, it's official... I'm a grown it or not.
Oh these life lessons are so much friggin fun.

    I had the week after Christmas off and so did Carlie. We hung out alot at home for most of the week, until New Years Eve day when we made a pilgrimage to Bostons Childrens Museum with Jen (Carlie's Godmother) and her two daughters Olivia and my Godchild Ava.  We had a great time...The kids seemed to enjoy it too.  There was so much to do and see it was absolutely amazing! I wanted to see it all, but we were short on time.  It went pretty smoothly too!( if you don't count the fact that I was put in charge of "Ava watch"  twice and lost her both times....But I found her...and that's what really matters). 
   It was a much diffrent place than I remember. The last time I was there I think I was about 9 years old and the only thing that sticks out in my memory about the whole trip was that my Mother got screwed on a taxi ride from the bus station to the museum.  From that point until today I have always thought of Boston as a bad place full of bad people.  I have also learned through experiences in my fairly recent adult life  that nothing good happens in Boston, so I normally avoid it like the plague.
It was a refreshing experience to go to Boston for some fun, not get screwed (except for the prices at the cafeteria in the museum) and to be able to relax and enjoy.  Thank you Jen for that.
 We got home by 6PM and I was expecting company for dinner and a 6PM.   A quick txt to Henri to txt Thom and Amy and hold them off for a half hour longer...a whirlwind of putting toys away and wiping down the counters and bathroom...A zip trip to Windfall Market for dessert, snacks and a few essentials and VOILA!  A New Years Eve shin-dig that would have made June Clever proud.  (Except I forgot to put on my pearls).  We watched Julie and Julia wich was FANTASTIC and ate Chineese food  (Wich I detest...but seem to be the only one on earth that dislikes it). And had a great time visiting with friends that we haven't seen in far too long.   Everyone went home early, Thom had to work at 5AM. Henri and I were in bed and watching CNN countdown to the New Year  by 10:30PM. Perfect.
  I recieved a few HAPPY NEW YEARS txt wishes and watched for my friends Andy and Jess in Key West on CNN LIVE till midnight.  That was that. It's over.  Happy 2010 and here's hoping we can all get through it healthy and happy and better off by the end of it.

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