Sunday, February 28, 2010

I have a little girl who has a little curl....

Life with a 3 year old....
  I had this little girl who was so sweet... and listened to what I told her to do....and now, she is slowly turning into an independant stubborn little sassy pants.  Everyofne said it would happen, but I really didn't think it would...I mean, she was so good!... And now she is so...not.
  I mean, don't get me wrong, she isn't terrible all the time, but like the old nursery rhyme goes..."When she is good she is very, very good, and when she is bad she is HORRID". They must have been talking about a three year old when they wrote that one.
  This afternoon, Jen and her two daughters came by for a visit and to let the kids play together for a while. Carlie actually threw a xylaphone....THREW IT!  Those things are HEAVY!  Then proceeded to have a total melt down, hissy fit that got her taken  out of the fun and games for the remainder of thier visit....I know that this too shall pass, and she's just testing her limits... but damn, it sucks. 
Henri and I have made the very difficult  decision to take her out of  the daycare that she has been at since she was 1, and move her to the child care center that I work at. Tomorrow will be her class visit, so she will come to work with me. This ought to be interesting.  I'm looking forward to getting to have her around me all day.  It will be a challenge to keep my work and her pre-school life seperate.... But she is resilliant and has risen and conquored every challenge life has thrown at her with  great success, so I am confident that this will be no different. She has a great way of rolling with the punches. I pray that this is a skill she keeps for life. If it is,  I know that she will  always do just fine.  We are sad that she has to leave the comfortable small child care center that she has come to love and the fantastic teachers there who have the patience of saints... The one on one attention she has gotten there has made her thrive and she is a smart little cookie...But the root of life is change...and I guess there's no time like now to teach her that.
  We are going to C.T. this coming weekend to visit my Father in Law before he leaves for his bird watching RV trip across the country. I love Western MA and CT. I miss the days when Henri lived in Springfield and we would pick a road on a Sunday morning and follow it just to see where it went.  Or the trips to Fishkill NY to the I85 Diner for lunch and cheesecake... Those trips were usually filled with conversations about where our lives would be in 5 years and how nice it would be to be settled down. Funny, now we talk about how nice it would be to be able to do that trip again whenever we want... The grass is always greener.


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Fooseberry said...

Funny we have been talking about going on a drive to some VW shows in CT. like we used to so many years ago. Now the question is do we take these challenging 3 year olds or not?