Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Party Extravaganza

Carlie turned 4 this September....Hard to believe she is a little girl and not a toddler anymore.  She has defied odds that some of the best doctors in the country are surprised at.  She is a miracle.
I can't help but to re-live the night she was born every birthday....The night before her birthday, I remember the pains in my stomach and how I looked in every baby book I could find and on every website I could pull up trying to diagnose myself...The pain I was having didn't fit any of the descriptions of labor pain...I chalked it up to gas...and went to bed.   The next day, the pains were there, but not as bad... I went to work. I remember describing my worry the night before to one of our nursing supervisors...her response was a laugh and.."sounds like labor pains"..HA HA HA!  nah...couldn't be.  It's too soon.  6 weeks too soon. I didn't even have a crib. I can't be in labor. Henri and i still have the receipt from Betsy's Diner from dinner that night.  That was about the time I realized she hadn't moved that day.  Henri brought me home, gave me cold juice and told me bad jokes trying to get her to wiggle...just a little....but she didn't budge.  So I finally called the Dr. They met me at the Maternity unit at the hospital and within what seemed like seconds I was on my way to surgery for an emergency C-Section. All I kept saying was..."But I don't have a crib yet!"  I think that was about the limit of my grasp of what was about to happen. The rest as they say is history...Medi Flight to Boston Childrens Hospital, 20 days in the NICU. Diagnosis: Possibly brain blind, Kidney malformation, will probably have developmental delays. 10 more days at a "Level B" NICU in Plymouth....She finally came home just before Halloween. 30 days later...and now on her 4th Birthday she is healthy,developmentally right on target, Kidneys healed and sight-20/20. Thank you Children's Hospital for all the care...and for being wrong. Thank you Jordan Hospital for growing her just enough to get her home. Thank you God for my miracle.

The Princess Castle Bounce House compliments of Grandpa...

A rousing game of "Stick the kiss on the Frog".

Mr. Crocker aka: "Uncle Hiccup" to us...was kind enough to bring his  duck "Howard" and entertain all...

My very best friend and party photographer and one of my favorite little girls...

Carlie and Ava enjoying the bounce house all to themselves.

Carlie smacking the "piniata that wouldn't die"

"Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you"......

How old are you now???

Carlie and Mommy opening presents

Carlie opening "Jumpy bear" from Uncle Andy and Aunta Jess.

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Fooseberry said...

I forget some of that story because she is so completely "normal" now. Well, as normal as a daughter of 2 such kookie folks can be.
I love that God was able to heal all those things so that we can have such a ray of sunshine in our lives.
I also hope for both of you that we can still call her a ray of sunshine when she hits her teenage years.
Either way she is a gift from heaven and I love her like she is one of my own.
Happy Birthday Carlie!