Friday, June 20, 2008

Mom is doing great, her cyst has disappeared on her arm which is what they are using as a guide to see if the chemo is working or not. Her doctor is THRILLED with the results. She has been tolerating chemo so far pretty damned good, She's tired, but hasn't lost her hair at all and as usual is in good spirits. but they keep saying it gets worse... So we wait for the other shoe to drop....Such is life.
On the other hand.... Got a call from Henri's mom yesterday...Her cancer is back. It's in her bones- spine, hip and liver. This poor woman's hair just grew back from the breast cancer treatments she finished this past winter!!!
Henri was thinking about taking Roo to Ct. for a visit this weekend to lighten things up at the homestead, but his Mom has a bridge tournament in Sturbridge on Saturday and won't be home.
I mentioned this to Julie, a friend of mine from work who also does my readings and raike. She has been telling me since Carlie was born that she will be sensitive. Julie said that the timing of Carlies arrival was no mistake, and told me to think about it... She showed up just in time to help out two sick Grandmothers. Henri's Mom said more than once that Carlie was what got her through chemo, and I know that she is getting my Mom through hers now. Julie also said to me that she can literally see the wings on my child, and that she is a healer and that's why she's here... She gave me goosebumps.
Carlie is not just a little healer, she's also very close to 2 and really starting to act like it.
We have little temper tantrums now...and she's starting to think it's funny to slap you in the face... it's NOT. She is just too much. If she knows she's not supposed to do it, she'll do it just to test you. I am on vacation next week with her and looking forward to spending it with her just hanging out and having fun. I hope everyone can stay reasonably healthy for those few days so I can relax....We'll see.

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