Friday, June 27, 2008

So far so good..... Mom is still tolerating chemo like a champ. She even came and picked up her dog and took her home the other day ( good sign)
Henri's mom on the other hand is in alot of pain and was planning a trip here this coming weekend but cancelled due to the pain she's in. They are going to start her out with radiation on her back to try and alleviate some of the tumor that is causing it all....
On a happier note, I have been on vacation all week with my daughter! We took a trip with Dad Monday to Taunton to buy a trike from a woman I found on Craigs list. WE LOVE IT and she was really cool.... she gave us alot of books and some laminated pages of to do ideas that I am dying to try.
Tuesday we filled up the swimming pool in he back yard and Carlie got in.... too cold, but she stood and splashed and drank , I gave her the hose and she had fun with that too.
We went to the children's museum in Mashpee with her early intervention nurse Carol Wednesday, there were about 10 6-8 year olds in there raising holy hell and kind of took the place over, so until they left it wasn't much fun....But once they were gone Carlie got to do what she wanted and had a good time.
Today were going to make play dough and go out on the porch with it if it isn't too muggy.
I might try to get over to FooseBerry's too...We were there yesterday to pick up a couple yard toys (THANKS JEN!!) And had a great time with her and Ava, Olivia and Caleb the monster boxer....I described him to my husband as Rufus plus 30 have my sympathy Jen.
We had a great time in the HUGE backyard...must be nice.
Also, I got to see my Mom's old house and what the new owners did to it so far yesterday morning...OMG it's beautiful!!! They knocked out walls and re did the bathroom and
for years we talked about what we would do to the house if we had the money to do it ,but never even thought about what they did... it's great, Must be nice to have that kind of money.
Well....Carlie's running around now with her shirt over her head so I think I better go before she hits the hutch head on.....

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