Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bad news/Good news

My mother in law passed away Tuesday afternoon.
My husband is doing fine....He went to see her in the hospital knowing that she was dying and said goodbye. He got his closure. I'm sorry Carlie won't remember her Grandmother, she adored Carlie and called her " little darlin'". She's being cremated, no funeral.
Henri, Carlie, Rufus and I are heading out to Ct. this weekend to spend the weekend with his Dad. Saturday happens to be our 5th wedding anniversary, we are going to do a little Western Ma. tour I hope. I wanted to go to our favorite German restaurant in Springfield on Saturday night, but Henri's Aunt and cousin are going to be visiting at his parents house on Saturday, so we'll have to postpone that dinner till Sunday. Maybe we can pawn Carlie off on Uncle Lou and Auntie Liz for a while for that.
I really am looking forward to being back in Ct. and Western Ma. again...too bad it's for this.

On a brighter note, my Mom had an appointment with her Oncologist yesterday and got good news. She has one more chemo appointment and then back to Jordan hospital for a PET scan to see if she needs ANY MORE CHEMO!!!.... She might not need it anymore!!!....How cool is that?
I can't believe how well she's tolerated the whole thing. She's exhausted all the time, anemic and her O2 levels are a little out of whack at times but overall, she has done Amazingly well....Everyone including her doctor is impresed....WHEW!
Guess I better start my day. More later....bye

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