Saturday, July 5, 2008

My lovely neighborhood

The weekend visitors next door have turned into a week long war with a house full of 20 something year olds...Henri had to run to Ct. to see his Mom who is in the hospital from her pain and I was here with Carlie by myself. Wednesday night, those little bastards were so obnoxious it was ridiculous. I woke up at 11:30 to-Hooting and hollering, 2am-screaming and loud music, 3am-car alarm, 4am-car I am PISSED. 5am-car alarm, 7am- Carlie. I was so tired and so angry.... 10am Carlie and I marched over there. The yard was so full of cars, they were parked all over the front and back yard. The first car I came across was full of guys getting ready to go to the beach by the looks of it. I snapped at the first kid that made eye contact- "I want to know who's in charge of this house. You guys kept me awake all night and I.. AM.. PISSED!"
I think I scared him because he looked stunned and muttered..." uh, I don't know" Then ducked his head in the car like he was asking one of his friends but then he wasn't brave enough to make eye contact again with me. So another kid got out of the back seat after they decided I wasn't going away and said " I think the gentleman your looking for is inside, I'll get him." A couple minutes later this guy came out...( damn he's fine.) He introduced himself as "Jay" and listened politely as I told him off. ( the whole time Carlie's blowing him kisses...not helping!) He was apologetic and said that Thursday night was the last party, then they were leaving. He promised that they would bring it inside at 11:30pm and that they would try to keep it down until then. He seemed sincere, and as I said before...I know what it's like, I've been there. So I shook his hand and left on a positive note. Later that day, he came to my door and brought me a bottle of wine all wrapped up with a bow to thank me for coming over and speaking to him and not just calling the cops. ( which I did already that week) Nice of him, so I shook his hand again and he got a kiss blown to him from Carlie. That night they were pretty good, I slept the night through. But THEN...
I woke up to BLASTING country music, an arriving parade of motorcycles, and the entire house next door chanting "U-S-A!- U-S-A!- U-S-A!" Happy fourth of July.
This went on all day....Needless to say Carlie and I didn't spend much time outside.
Well... I survived, This morning they all left in a long parade of cars, and as they passed my house, they honked and waved....little assholes.

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