Tuesday, July 22, 2008


For as far back as I can remember, my Mom has taken me to the fair. It was always the highlight of my summer. I loved the animals, the crafts, the smells, the people....I just love the fair. We almost always had an entry in some category or another. Mostly Chickens, ducks one year and rabbits a few times. We won a few, but mostly it was just being part of the fair that was the most important part for us. I remember one year we entered my rooster"Brandon" and my father "hypnotized" him by holding him upside down and gently stroking his throat and chest. He drew a crowd and the rooster was sound asleep. I thought I had the coolest Dad. I remember entering our Basset hound "Angel" in the dog show and winning first place. When I turned 12 I could volunteer and I did...every year in the chick hatching exhibit. I used to get such a kick out of handing kids the little balls of fluffy just hatched chicks, I loved answering questions about egg hatching and incubating and taking care of the newly hatched chicks.

Then I turned into a teenager...That was the end of my volunteering for a while. I would rather go to the carnival with my friends and "hang out", not be stuck in one place all day. When I was in my 20's I volunteered again for a few years but that was about it. I found other things to do and my allegiance to the fair started to fade. I skipped a few years, it's been sporadic ever since. But last night we went to the fair with Carlie....It was like seeing the fair for the first time all over again! Henri and I made a mad dash for the farm animals. We whisked her in to see the cows , the sheep, the turkeys....and she was TERRIFIED of all. NOT what I was anticipating. Oh well... maybe next year. She did hold a chick, but it was so F#$%^ing hot in there it was almost impossible to breathe. She did say "MOOOO" alot for the rest of the night, so I think she might have enjoyed the cows despite her reaction. We had "fair food" for dinner, Italian ice, fried dough, potato pancakes and a deep fried Twinkies. I wanted to get her a huge cotton candy but forgot as we made our way to the carnival side of the fair. I don't think I have ever seen so many people at the fair at one time. It was RIDICULOUS!!! It was going on 8:30pm, way past bedtime, hotter than hell and crowded loud and obnoxious. We had enough. Henri and I couldn't get to our car fast enough. both of us were dripping with sweat, it was so bad. In the end we decided it was a good time, but we were both glad it only comes once a year.

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