Wednesday, August 13, 2008


REMISSION!!! Mom got the news a couple of weeks ago. Her doctors are amazed at how well she tolerated chemo and at the fact that it worked so fast.
The following week she got a blood clot in her is a roller coaster huh??
Henri and I have been working on cleaning out some of the accumulated CRAP we seem to have compiled over the past 6 years that we've been in this house. How does it happen? I remember walking into this house completely empty and thinking...I'm never going to have enough stuff to fill all this space.....HA HA HA HA HA!!!!.... Oh how foolish.
I took 3 bags of old clothes and shoes out of the bedroom. We tore up the rug and rearranged the furniture a little. What a difference. NEXT is the basement (cue creepy music)
My daughter had her final evaluation by early intervention this week and has been labeled a perfectly normal child. Sweetest words anyone ever said to us. She comes up with a new word about every day which thrills us to no end, except the occasional swear...I really have no idea where she would hear words like that. Probably cable.
We had a death in the family....Bubbles got the Ick and died a week ago. Carlie hasn't seemed to notice and were on the fence about getting another fish or not. I asked about bereavement days but my boss thought I was joking.... go figure.

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Fooseberry said...

So sorry for your loss!! Without bereavement time how are you going to have the ceremony and " The Big Flush" - lol!
I am so excited to hear about your Mom that is Great News!! That just goes to show what a tough cookie she is.
Thanks for the update. I think we should start exchanging letters like Christmas Letters to update our family news.
Hope to see you soon-