Thursday, November 13, 2008



Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.... I recently got a comment from a post in June and realized that that's the last time I blogged. So alohas happened since June. Henri's job with the bank wasn't all it was cracked up to be. They decided a mutual parting of the ways was the best thing. So were back to that again. He's been sending out resume's like mad but due to this lovely economy, the interviews are coming few and far between.

Mom was in remission for all of about 5 minutes. Her tumor grew some more and she's back on chemo. This cocktail of chemo s making her sick as a dog. Hopefully we'll have a happy ending. My job was sheer hell all summer but were fully staffed now and things have settled down and I'm back to just doing my own job.... Thank God!!

Halloween was a blast this year, Carlie was a cow and moo'd herself silly. She started out in her costume at 10 in the morning, we went to visit Uncle Andy, Jess at the coffee shop, the VNA luncheon then home for a break to set up the walkway for trick or treaters. Back in the costume and over to Nanna's then home for trick or treating! By the fourth house she wouldn't even moo anymore we were exhausted. I couldn't get us home fast enough. We were in our jammies and cuddled up in the big chair for the rest of the night. I love being a Mom.


Fooseberry said...

God I have been waiting for you forever.
1. Fuck about your mother-I HATE CANCER!!
2. Love about Carlie- See the crazy shit you will do for your kid.

Being a Mom is the greatest thing on earth- even if Ava is banging on her door when she should be napping right now.

Ann-Marie said...

Sorry to read about your Mom. Carlie is adorable. And I am glad things have settled down at work.