Friday, August 22, 2008

New Hampshire

I am dreaming about New Hampshire now.....

I got a comment from my smart ass friend Fooseberry and now I can't stop thinking about going to New Hampshire. I absolutely love it up north, and she knows it.

Our family friends own a "cabin" in New Hampshire ( I say cabin but it's actually a house)

I've been going up there since I was 17 years old. Back then it was me, Susan and Lisa. It was always an adventure. I couldn't even get into some of the scandals that went on there, but we always had something to talk about after we got home. Lisa and Susan tolerated each other most of the time but they had some moments that I thought they were going for blood, and that left me running interference the entire weekend. Good thing there was plenty of liquor up there. Then the boyfriends came up. And there were fights and pissy attitudes and drama. Then we got it together, Lisa moved away and we all got married. I think the best part is that I got to get married there. I can't believe now I'm going to be bringing my daughter there...Time sure flies.

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Fooseberry said...

See I told you- All you need is gas money!!!
Carlie can chase the geese and you can draw.