Sunday, December 7, 2008

I lost a friend/co-worker the other night, She went to bed and just never woke up...She was only 42. I don't know why she didn't wake up, I just know that she will be deeply missed. She was funny and fair and a truely nice person. She also knew how to do her job well and the department she was in will never be able to replace her. She was also a big pain in the butt, but that's one of the reasons I liked her.
I feel for her family...They seemed like they really needed her. It's all very sad.
I decided to go to the wake in Bourne last week and took my friend Amy there as well. I had to stop for gas and when I began to pull out of the gas station to merge onto the highway my truck died at the bottom of the exit from the gas station. If I had started to pull out I would have been sitting in oncoming traffic....THANK YOU GUARDIAN ANGELS!!!
Amy and I waited from 5:30-7pm for AAA to come and tow me the thirty feet backwards into the service station parkinglot because the tow truck wasn't there!!....UUUGH Needless to say we missed the wake, Amy went to the burial and memorial service, but I stayed at work and skipped it. I am just not good at the whole consoleing thing.
I'll send a card.
Anyway, the truck looks like it needs a fuel pump and there goes my bonus check we use for Christmas shopping every year..... ....What next? Can we have a run on GOOD luck for a while now?...PLLLLEEEEAAASE??????

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