Thursday, April 22, 2010


Progress on our house painting is slow at best.   Trying to choose colors has proved to be a much more difficult decision than I thought.  I finally decided to paint the trim white. I am having just the front of the house painted (actually stain) in a color... what color I do not know. Gray? Blue? White? Green? I usually like to be a little diffrent. I am not opposed to being the only purple house on the block...But the choice is something I am going to have to live with for a VERY long time. If I screw it up, I am going to be sorry for a VERY long time.  I am greatful that this right now is my biggest dillema since this time last year, I was starting to go straight out of my mind with my Mother being so sick and starting the downward spiral that ultimately lead to her death. This is a breath of fresh air compared to THAT!
 My Mother's birthday is May 3rd and I wanted to come up with something to do that day that celebrated her and her life. Something that she would have totally enjoyed doing. I decided to take the day off and do our Springtime Rt. 6A trip, and invited my best friend to join me. I am looking forward to spending the day with Jen and getting to do something that will remind me of Mom in a happy way. That is the ONLY way I know she would want us to remember her. Spring was her favorite time of year and the green on the trees in early spring was her favorite color. You can't get much happier than that as far as I am concerned. So we will amble down that beautiful road, stop at some of the terrific little shops on the way and probably enjoy a nice lunch out.  Sounds like a heavenly way to spend a day to me!!  I think I have made progress, even if the painter hasn't, but I've had almost a year to do it. Let's hope he won't take so long!!!!

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Fooseberry said...

So I guess I better put in for the day off and book my babysitter. Thelma and Louise are off!