Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Day

We took a family trip to Tony Andrews Farm this weekend in search of the "Great Pumpkin" to carve for our "Almost Annual Pumpkin Carving Day" with the Fooseberry girls.  
This year I think I got a little carried away with the amount of pumpkins we purchased. I seem to forget year to year what a pain in the ass carving a pumpkin actually is.  We bought 5 pumpkins, and I had already purchased 2 a week or so ago at the supermarket...What was I thinking?

We grabbed our wagons and headed into the "Pumpkin Patch".  Unfortunately, the pumpkins were mostly starting to soften on the bottoms...There wasn't much to choose from...But we did end up finding a few good ones.

Carlie got pissed because she wanted to ride in the wagon with the pumpkins, but they were so big, there wasn't enough room for her -unless she held one in her lap...As you can see, she didn't much care for that idea. We headed back to the registers and bought....$67.00 worth...yes...$67.00 worth of pumpkins. 
We have lost our minds.
The girls came over Sunday afternoon and, after playing in the leaves and running around outside for a while, they came in to do some serious pumpkin carving.  Ava and Olivia brought their "professional" pumpkin carving tool set (that only they would have)...and Carlie and I tore open our $1.00 carving kits to get down to business.   
As Jen and I were trying to keep the pumpkin guts contained and from being flung onto the walls, saving little fingers from being severed from the hand, and trying to keep everyone happy and safe, we both had to laugh.  It always seems like such a good idea until we get hip deep into the project with our kids....But we just put our heads down and plow on. Happy in knowing that we are creating memories...Hopefully happy ones.  We all got some terrific Jack-O-Lanterns done and had a really good time doing it.  I plan on re-visiting this post around the end of September next year as a reminder to only buy 2 pumpkins....YA RIGHT!

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