Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year was terrific.  We attended the Harvest Festival at one of our local elementary schools on Friday night for fun and games and lots of prizes! We met up with the Fooseberry girls and got to see everyone's costumes. It was just the right amount of crazy after a long week of working and building up to "HALLOWEEN"!  Saturday, we went to Carlie's last dance class with Miss Annette. Miss Annette has decided to close her dance studio after 20 years and join up with another center in Cataumet. We will be trying out this new center this coming Saturday and decide how we like it.  If it's not up to our liking, it will probably be gymnastics instead. We will see.
 Sunday was Halloween. We had a play date with Carlie's friend Jillian in Sandwich in the morning, came home to make some last minute decorating decisions, like hanging a screeching sound activated spider over the doorway to terrify children...and waited for our mean Trick or Treaters.  Carlie, as you can see, was a beautiful princess. I painted pink hearts on her cheeks and polka dots around her eyes at her request.  She looks terrific!  We made the usual rounds in our neighborhood...then headed to our friends around town. Carlie made a pretty good haul considering we really only went to 5 houses.

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