Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving was going to be a big one for me.  This year for the first time in my life, I was going to someone else's house for dinner.  I have never had a Thanksgiving with my in-laws. They went to Florida every year, so we were always with my Mom and sometimes my aunt would join us, or after Mom passed away, we were on our own.  I have to admit, I enjoyed making the dinner and looked at it as sort of a challenge and strived to make my Mom and Grandmother proud, even though they aren't here anymore, I get the feeling they are nearby watching...Making sure I know enough to constantly stir the hollindaise sauce so it doesn't curdle.  Well, I do. (most of the time)
So, this year I had planned on helping my Father in Law cook at his place in CT. He stayed up North this year do to a torn tendon in his knee. After surgery a few months ago, he's stuck here with the rest of us in the snow and slush and is trekking back and forth to physical therapy for the rest of the winter.
Friday night we had made plans to visit Springfield MA and see "Bright Nights" in Forest Park. This is a gigantic Christmas light display that can only be described as AWESOME. I had looked forward to sharing this with Carlie and knew she would be in absolute awe. all good plans, these were not meant to work out as we had hoped.  I ended up with a little medical issue and have been grounded here on Cape Cod for the holidays.  I will be having a small and hopefully fast and uneventful surgery tomorrow morning at 8:30am.  So my very understanding Father in Law packed up the 13 pound turkey, all the vegetables and a lot of ingredients needed to cook a proper Thanksgiving feast and headed North to Cape Cod to have dinner here with us. For the most part, he and Henri did the cooking. I had made pies Tuesday night, so that was all done.  Dinner was delish and my husband is in a turkey coma on the couch as we speak.  Happy Thanksgiving to all! I have to go do the dishes.

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