Saturday, April 9, 2011

Old Friends

We finally cleaned out the storage unit today where the rest of Mom's things were stored.  I was happy to give away alot of the large pieces of furniture to my dear friend who my parents adored.  Once again I find myself going through my Mothers belongings wittling it down again and gettting rid of things that almost 2 years ago I thought I could never part with.  Funny how you begin to get numb to giving away your memories. And the thing is, alot of the time, it's stupid things that hold strong pens!  My mother had hundreds of pens...and some of them I have seen rolling around our house all my life. They don't necessarily work...But they are familiar and remind me of my old home and my old life that seems so far away now.  Mom also had a hundred journals,notpads and day planners.  Most of them not even used. She was big on anything having to do with getting organized but never really got it all together...I guess I know where I get it from!  It's all rather depressing to go through these things again and again....But fate works in mysterious ways, and today I got to spend some time with two of my most favorite men on earth besides my husband. Two friends that I have had since I was just 14 or 15 years old and who know me better than I know myself sometimes. One of these friends lives in San Francisco and I only see him every few years when he comes for a visit...The other lives nearby but he is so busy with his work and new family that we are lucky to get together once a month. It's just another reminder to me how blessed I am to have such incredible friends and how timing is everything.  This could have been a bad day if it werent for them.  But it turned out to be pretty darned good.

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