Saturday, May 7, 2011

Patriots Day 2011

Carlie and I had Patriots Day off together this year.  Henri had to work (ha ha),so I decided we needed a girls day.  Carlie and I hit the road around 10am, headed for Rt. 6A. The plan was to to wind our way up to Dennis and explore Mayflower Beach. I was told that it is a beautiful beach and you can find Sand dollars there this time of the year.  It was a beautiful day for a drive!!  
When we got to the beach, this is what we saw first. (see above photo)

Carlie had her bucket and we were hunting for those Sand dollars.  We found a lot of other things like....a horseshoe crab...
And a few of these disgusting things that were spewed out of that sewage treatment plant in New Hampshire, that dumped millions of these little gross poop filters into the ocean...eew.

But mostly we had a good time finding cool things on this beach.  Then I heard those dreaded words..."Mommy, I have to pee".   Too many people around to do a quick duck and cover pee out in nature manuver, so we had to pack it up and leave.  It was a little cold and a lot windy and a long walk back to the truck. So long in fact, she had to sit and rest on the way.

   We ended up at UNO'S in Hyannis and had a great time at lunch together.  Then we decided to go spend a gift card at Bath and Body Works in the Hyannis Mall. (Carlie calls it the "Girl Store"...She couldn't be MORE right about that)!  After we shopped till we dropped, we hit the Carousel at the food court for a one time around.
 We saw some pretty cool things that day...

Beach house at Chapin Beach with Horse Shoe crab shells mounted on the front. Thought this was a cool idea and might try it at home.

Chapin Beach (photo by Carlie)

Chapin Beach Dennis MA.
And I think all in all it was a lot of fun!!!

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