Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Hump Day

I got up this morning, showered dressed and got Carlie to school in time to come back home and have another cup of coffee and make my lunch. Henri is at a second interview right now in Hyannis.... SENDING HIM WHITE LIGHT AND GOOD VIBES!!!
I hang around with the woo-woo crew alot at work as you can see.
Not much new, Mom has her first round of chemo today...we's all sort of up in the air but she has to be there at noon.
We had a rough night with Carlie, she has allergies like her dad, poor thing has a cough and runny nose. about 2am that cough woke her up. Henri got up with her and got her settled on his lap with my new quilt made for me by hand by a friend at work, I traded her some artwork for it....anyway, Carlie coughed, gagged and threw up all over the quilt Henri and the floor....sigh...
So for anyone with kids out there reading know whats next. Laundry...change clothes,all the lights on everyone up...eeegads.
Poor baby, she was a wreck. But we got everything cleaned up and put back and dried and off to sleep she went. I love being a Mom.


Fooseberry said...

Hey I spent all day yesterday in laundy, bleach and vomit. Sounds familiar. As I am washing my 3rd load Olivia calls down to the basement - "Mom Ava just threw up all over the couch!!"
Great so I spent the day cleaning and with the lingering odor of puke in the air- YUM!!

Bonnie said...

OK you have me beat....