Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ode to Maggie Magoo

Maggie Maggo...Born in Franklin Ma. on a cold December night in 1991. One of 8 mismatched puppies who didn't even look like they were related. Half lab,half Shar pei.
My Dad was bed ridden at the time, and we had an 8 year old beautiful sweet loving muffin of a German Shepard named Treau(pronounced Troy) but he was very sick and needed to be put down. He was going to the vet for just that the next day and we were all sick about it. Mom and I had been checking the want ad's magazine for dogs and came across this ad for lab/boxer mix puppies in Franklin ( what did they know? was a shar pei.) So we went to see the litter since we were having such a hard time finding a litter of puppies at that time of year locally.
We got to a big house at about 8pm and met the family who had the litter. It was a young family With a couple young kids. We went to the basement and found this most mixed up bunch of puppies all squirming around. My mother focused in on a little black runt off to one side, but I saw this little blond bouncing monster puppy with tiny ears and a squished up face and a curly little tail and had to have her!...Mom and I flipped a quarter and I won. Next problem, she was only 5 weeks old...But the mom to the litter had walked away from them right after birth. She herself was just 11 months old! After a lot of convincing, we talked the family into letting us bring that little blond squishy faced puppy home with us.
The next day was so hard, we had to say goodbye to our dear sweet boy Treau....But Maggie Magoo was there, and she was not letting us feel down....She was like a little clown and got us all through a really sad time.
Maggie and I were inseparable. She went to work with me every day when I was on the road as a Home Health aide. She'd help me in the garden by shaking out big clumps of weeds I'd pulled out... She rid our entire neighborhood of groundhogs. She'd chase a rock till she dropped. That was her absolute favorite!!
One of our ducks was named Ollie and the two of them would wrestle.
He'd fly just above her head and she'd jump up, knock him out of the sky, then he'd grab hold of her neck and she'd drag him all around the yard like he was skiing!!!.. I wish I had gotten it on film. Anyway,she was with me through some pretty rough times and some pretty cool times.
When I got married and got pregnant, she changed. She became this horrid destructive monster dog that I didn't even know. She destroyed everything she could get into.... She even clawed and chewed my bedroom door...she tore open a 50lb bag of sunflower seeds that we had just bought and left in the kitchen...what a mess!! I could have killed her....The night the baby was born, she literally chewed her way out of a wire kennel. Henri came home at 5am to find her bloody and half in/half out of the kennel. ..She knew. Things did get better with her after the baby was born and eventually she went back to her old self again.
She was 14 now, and showing signs of age....finally.
at 15 and a half, it broke my heart put her down. She had stopped eating and was showing signs of pain. I couldn't do that to her. She and I went to the vet and he put her out, then to sleep. It was the most peaceful end to her life I could have hoped for.The staff at Mashpee vet and Dr. Mark Oldham were beyond wondeful and understanding...I can't say enough about them. I brought her back home when it was over. We buried her in the backyard and planted a beautiful snowball hydrangea on her grave. I call it my "Maggie tree" and this spring it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!...of course.
I have never mourned a dog like I have mourned her. I feel like part of me is buried out there with her.... But it's comforting to know she's out there...home where she belongs.
My beautiful Maggie girl. I miss you.
Now there's Rufus......ugh.

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