Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm an artist

I'm an artist. You have no idea how funny that sounds to me. I just recently started calling myself that. I never thought of myself as an artist...I always thought being an artist was meant for "real artists" like famous painters and sculptors ...and weirdly dressed people who live in P-town and have fabulously famous friends and rich neighbors. and work in "media"....not markers and pencil like me. But, I have been introduced as an artist more than three time's so I think I'm going to try it out. Everything I draw has a cartoon sort of tone. I can draw more realistically, but it's not as much fun. I also sculpt. I'd love to do some bigger scale sculpting but I stick with 1lb blocks on sculpy clay and make my little clay creatures. Pretty much they are the creatures in my head, all cartoonish and in 3D. Pretty cool.
I have been drawing children's names with bits of their personality or family history drawn in.
I also have done pet caricatures. The children's names have been the most lucrative. I am also talking with a local author about illustrating his children's book. I really have so much to do with that by the end of May, it's ridiculous. When I draw or paint.... I go into my own little world. It's like meditation and hours just slip away. Oddly enough from the day I got pregnant, I lost complete interest in any kind of art. I didn't care about drawing.....anything! As soon as I wasn't pregnant, BOOM it all came back again! I always said it was because the baby was sucking the creativity out of me and absorbing it in itself. I believe that's true. My daughter is a musical little stinker...maybe she'll be a singer or a musician who knows? But one thing I do's my therapy,my escape.... I love it.

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