Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

My jerk neighbors have finally gone HOME, the baby's sleeping,the dog's sleeping,my in-laws are gone and my husband just went out to do some errands....AAAAAHhhhhh.....
Mom is having the best day yet since her chemo. Friday she goes again. I know it just gets worse, but it feels good thinking for a while that it won't.
The weekend was good, Monday I spent some time with Mom and ran an errand for her, then went home and had dinner with the other side of the family. My daughter has my father in law so charmed it's ridiculous. This isn't a mushy kind of guy. This is a guy who didn't want to hold her as an infant because " kids don't really fascinate me like they do most people".
Well dunk me in gravy and call me buttermilk biscuit if this guy ain't fascinated with MY kid!!!
He makes goo goo noises and funny faces and reads her the Boston Globe. It's extremely entertaining.
SOOOO.... I woke up this morning with some gross lower GI issue ,went to work and came home an hour later. I'm so glad I did!!!.....SILENCE!!... I think I'm going to take a nap.

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