Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today is the end of my week long vacation with Carlie..... I am going to miss her so much tomorrow when I go back to work.

Just in this past week she's done so many new things....I can't believe how fast she's learning and how many new words she has....I LOVE it. We went to the Strawberry festival and went shopping, we visited my girlfriends at work in Hyannis. We went for trike rides and dips in the pool...I think my favorite part of this week was just swinging on my glider with Carlie. When I got that glider, I sat on it wishing and dreaming of having a baby....Then, while I was pregnant I sat there dreaming about swinging with the baby when it was born.

When Carlie was in the NICU in Boston I sat there and prayed ALOT for her... And can't help but to think of that while she's sitting across from me now , singing twinkle twinkle little star and smiling.... What a blessing she is.

We had the weekend renters from HELL next door again.

My neighborhood is pissed about the parties they have when they come down.

I heard 3 neighbors today complaining about them and telling me that they called the police a few times last night. It's a big group of kids ( yes i said kids) in thier 20's and having a damned good time....I've kept my share of neighbors awake till the wee hours of the morning....I figure this is payback. Two of the "kids" came over this evening and apologized for last night. Unfortunately they are still there, so I fear this might be an all week thing.... It'll be interestiong to say the least.

It's almost bed time...Gotta get up and go to work tomorrow....wish me a quiet night??!!


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