Friday, August 22, 2008


Is it Friday yet???
I have been waiting for this weekend and dreaming of this weekend for half a month. The fact is I have NO plans!! I am just going to go with the flow and enjoy having no where to be and nothing to do ( except a million home projects but they don't count) We have no company coming, no parties to attend, no appointments to keep....aaah heaven!
My job has been really getting to me lately. We have a girl out on FMLA right now and I'm getting PORKED with all her work. I'm not really liking it, there's not much I can do about it and it doesn't look like she's coming back right away so I guess I'm stuck.
I spent 45 minutes ranting about my job to my husband last night and that's not like me. I'm so frustrated with the whole situation. I love my job when I can do MY job and not my job AND someone else's.
I need a vacation. I mean a real vacation...where I DON'T have to help my mother move or I'm not on Maternity leave running back and forth to Boston and trying to heal from an emergency C-section, a vacation where I can actually recharge and get a fresh perspective. Unfortunately I don't see anything like that coming my way any time soon.
I think I need to sit and draw more. I defiantly need to draw more...but when? Maybe this weekend I can talk Henri into taking Carlie and disappearing for a few hours while I sit and decompress with some paper and my favorite pencil. Having time to draw is like meditation to me. I can sit and draw and hours slip away without notice. Inspiration...That's what I need. I haven't been really inspired to draw something in so long it's ridiculous. Maybe I'll work on getting inspired today. I recently discovered a saying that I promptly posted at my desk at work. "It's not about making it through the storm, It's about learning to dance in the rain."
So today I'm gonna dance.

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Fooseberry said...

The Bonnie I know would be Dancing NAKED in the rain.
Call the Crocker's and head to NH.