Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I left work early today, everything with Mom just got to me and I just could'nt concentrate. She has an appointment later today with the Oncologist to find out what exactly the game plan will be for chemo and radiation. I hope Henri gets a job soon because I may need to take some time off to help her out. My head is swimming with images of the weeks/months to come. I try really hard not to mope, I truely believe in God and I know that everything we go thru here is a learning experience. I also know that there are people in the world with far greater problems than me, so I try to just be greatful for my own "learing experiences".
No matter what, I know that I'll be looking back at this time in my life eventually and saying..."Man am I glad that's over". And I know that, because I say it about alot of other rotten times I've gone thru...and I've learned. So this too shall pass.... It's just right now that sucks.
So, I'll count my blessings.
My family,My fabulously supportive friends,My job,My comfortable home,chocolate.

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