Monday, May 12, 2008


I had such a great weekend... My daughter is FINALLY walking!!!
We had her marching all over God's great green earth this weekend...and she is just as proud as she can be of herself. Saturday Mom and I took our annual spring ride down rt 6a to check out the flowers and scenery. It was rainy but seemed to make all the colors pop even more.
We didn't make it all the way to Brewster as we usually do, we got to Hyannis and decided to go for lunch, then shopping. By then Mom was pooped so we headed home.
I woke up Sunday to the smell of bacon. Henri got up early and snuck out to make me breakfast for Mothers day. He came in with a card and a beautiful bouquet of roses from he and Carlie, then had Portuguese french toast, thick cut bacon and coffee.....YUM!!! Finally he told me we were going to get the flowers for my flower boxes today!!... I LOVE PLANTING MY FLOWER BOXES!!!!!!! We plated up a breakfast for my Mom, took it to her and visited for a while, then hit the road for flowers. We ended up at Wareham Walmart because they always have cheap flowers. We went to LL Bean and then stopped at Burger king for lunch took it to the Cape Cod Canal to eat and then stopped at Betty Ann's for ice cream before heading home. Henri took the lawn mower, trimmer and leaf blower to a friends small engine repair business for tune ups while I tackled dragging the potting soil out of my dilapidated garage.... It was a life threatening trip through crap, junk and scrap wood but I managed to drag the 40lb bad of WET potting soil out of the garage without breaking my neck...amazing.
As always, I overbought and had enough to plant a large terracotta planter and a small stand planter as well. It was so good to be outside and working in the dirt, The birds were going nuts in the side yard at the feeders, we have an abundance of red winged blackbirds this year. I love the sound of them. Why do weekends go so fast? I have so much more to do!!!
Back to work today....woopty doo....Happy Monday.

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Barry said...


What's up with the picture of Gillette Castle? I have not seen it in many years. I never actually went to it, but I recall seeing it while on a ferry. Does that sound correct?