Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Incurable. That 's what they told Mom yesterday.
How is that possible in 2008? They will try a concoction of chemo drugs to try and get her aggressive cancer into remission. Starting on a 15 week course next Tuesday. She'll loose her hair. She'll be sick. What the fuck?
Ok, so this is her path.... I understand that. But damn....this sucks buckets.
It's a beautiful sunny day out and I feel like I'm in a dark fog. I think I'll walk down to the harbor to try and lighten my mood....That usually works. more later.


Fooseberry said...

Don't know what to say but
I love you!! Call me anytime.

henri915 said...

We Gotta hold on to WHAT WE GOT
it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not
We Got each other and that's a lot
for love...

We'll give it a shot...

OK, that's cheezy as hell, but I didn't know what else to say..

I love you