Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ballet Recital 2011-Turning Pointe Dance Studio

Dancing in the front yard
 The weather was perfect for the recital this year.  It was blue skies and sunny.  Carlie was so excited about her recital and her chance to dance on stage in front of everyone!  I think she was most excited about the big bow at the end with all of the students.  Her costume was beautiful just like she was...And she got to put on "stage makeup" which of course made her feel like the ballerina princess that she truly is.  The recital was at the Bourne High School auditorium this year.  A new place for us.  Uncle Andy and Dylan came to watch, but Dylan wasn't very happy about sitting in the dark and the big crowd, so he and Dad watched a lot of it through the double doors in the back of the auditorim.  All in all it was a fantastic experience for Carlie and that's what mattered.  I think this year I will volunteer as a stage Mother so I can keep a better eye on her and the other kids in her class.  I wasn't really impressed with the set up they had to watch the little kids between performaces or the rule that the girls werent allowed in the auditorium after their performance to watch the rest of the ballet recital...But this coming year, I will know what I'm getting into.
I posed in the same spot when I was her age before my own ballet recital.

Carlie dancing with Boo

My beautiful ballerina princess

Carlie and her buddies in the cafateria before the recital

Carlie taking a big bow!

The end of the recital and the final bow

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