Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tropical Storm Irene 2011

Nobska Beach
 This summer, we were lucky enough to dodge another hurricane.  What was forcasted to be a catagory 2 hurricane, rambled through Cape Cod as a Tropical Storm. Just the idea of a hurricane makes my throat tight.  After living through Hurricane Bob in '91 and being without power for 7 days, the destruction of the town and the clean up from hell...I am not looking forward to doing that again EVER!   But Irene was kind enough to take it down a notch for us and just create some awesome wind gusts, beautiful waves and a couple downed branches.  We lost power for about 13 hours, but that was definatley better than it could have been!   Thank you GOD for that!   We decided to get out and against the better advice of the Emergency Brodcast System go for a ride and see what things looked like.  We encountered MANY other people disobeying this advice and got some great shots of Mother Nature at work!
Surf Drive Beach


The Heights

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