Sunday, November 13, 2011

Carlie's 5th Birthday- Under the Sea Party!

The "Octopus" for the cake.  Made out of Rice Crispies treats.

 We had to postpone this birthday party due to rain and we came very close to having to do it again because of rain...But I decided to put it in the hands of fate and press on!  I couldn't dissapoint Carlie a second weekend in a row!-Besides, planning a party is A LOT of work and I was in limbo waiting for the right weather....Just DO IT! So I did and it worked our perfectly.  It was a hot muggy day and it rained that morning...but God was watching out for us and he held off the rain until about half an hour after the last child went home.  Thank you for that!!!
We had a great turn out!  A lot of kids from Carlie's class were there and some friends she doens't see
on a regular basis. 
She was so happy to have all her friends at her house to play.
      We had a piniata, water table with extra bubbles, ring toss and of course the bounce house was up and in full swing all day!  The kids bounced, ran, played and splashed themselves silly!   My Octopus cake was a big success and everyone wanted a piece of cake with "a leg"!!  We had crab dip and goldfish crackers and lots and lots of fun and laughs!   What a fantastic day it was!   We held the party from 2-4 and it was a perfect amount of time to have fun, eat and open presents before anyone got too tired and cranky.  By the time everyone left, we cleaned up the yard and it began to rain.   We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the front porch and enjoyed a rainy summer day.  The only thing that could have made it better would have been if the Grandmothers were here.  It makes my heart heavy that they are missing all of this.  They would have just been beside themselves with delight at watching Carlie in her "pink mermaid dress" having the time of her life.  But things don't always work out the way you wish them to.   All in all, we had a terrific time! 
Happy Birthday Carlie!!! 
Double layer white cake tinted "Ocean Blue" for that Under the Sea feel

Carlie seeing her cake under construction

Adding the pink fondant and marshmallow eyes

OK-So this is a lesson I had to learn through trial and error.  Rice crispies treats are HEAVY and this big fat octopus began to very slowly squash the top layer of this cake.  Next time, I will just use the rice crispies treat for the body and do the legs completely in fondant.  Live and learn.

Everyone is arriving!  Let the fun begin!!

Carlie helping me pass out the bags for the piniata candy.

This was the busiest of all places in our yard that day....The kids jumped and bounced and laughed and flopped around all afternoon!  I hope they were all good and tired when they went home that afternoon!

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

All that was left of that poor octopus!...LOL!!

Happy kids!

A good hot day for a Hoodsie cup!!

Opening her many presents

Now THAT'S a happy girl!

Of course Boo had to get into the middle of it all to see what was going on!!  Cricket was smart enough to stay on the porch in the shade and away from all the kids!!!
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I am so glad I got this shot!   What a great group of kids!  They were terrific!!
These were the pictures we took for the Thank You cards...Oh what fun!!!

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