Sunday, November 13, 2011

Family Birthday September 2011

Carlie and Aunt Leila relaxing in the afternoon
 We did something a little different this year.  We all met up at Grandpa's in C.T. to celebrate Carlie and Henri's birthday.  Aunt Leila, Cousin Lorena, Uncle Lou and Aunt Liz joined us for a birthday dinner and cake.  After dinner, we opened presents.  Carlie of course, made out like a bandit (as most only children do)! The gift that stole the show was the one from Grandpa.  A brand new pink and white big kid bike just for Carlie!  What a great day and what a fun time!
Superstar sunglasses from Aunti Liz and Uncle Louis

Carlie and Daddy opening presents

Her NEW BIKE!  The suprise on her face was priceless!!!!!

Boo enjoying the cool wind on the way home from Grandpa's

Carlie's actual birthday.  Chocolate mint cake with extra sprinkles and flowers.

MMMMMM...GOOD!!!  Happy Birthday to my beautiful seet angel girl.
 I can't believe your 5 already.
 My how time flies!!!!

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